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A significant part of the search ecosphere is now controlled by Google, with share estimates (country dependent) over 65%. Changing behaviour of the user is a hard nut to crack. What i dont understand is why that trojan horse called the xbox 360  with millions of dedicated users isnt used as a behavioral tool to alter search habits for millions of 12-35 yr olds. Microsoft… get some web enablement and and make your search engine the default access to the web! I recently saw a survey that a very high proportion of 14-18 yr olds would use xbox to get information like getting a telephone number to order a pizza. Maybe more would use it given the opportunity.



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  • digitaldifference: The web analytics systems need to do this- or data warehouses without it one of the key benefits of online advertising is lost. Some of the advertisin
  • digitaldifference: The smart marketers will drive this change and hopefully be rewardedwith thebest jobs in the online space.
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