The Digital Difference

A significant part of the search ecosphere is now controlled by Google, with share estimates (country dependent) over 65%. Changing behaviour of the user is a hard nut to crack. What i dont understand is why that trojan horse called the xbox 360  with millions of dedicated users isnt used as a behavioral tool to alter search habits for millions of 12-35 yr olds. Microsoft… get some web enablement and and make your search engine the default access to the web! I recently saw a survey that a very high proportion of 14-18 yr olds would use xbox to get information like getting a telephone number to order a pizza. Maybe more would use it given the opportunity.


Max Kalehoff recently wrote about the purpose of online advertising ( and Kory Kredit also wrote about the death of display advertising (  I read these with some amusement as the real issue is purpose and measurement. All advertising should have a purpose and a measurement goal behind it and an understanding of the steps a prospect takes after seeing the ad. This is where most of the digital industry is falling over itself.  Companies run display advertising  with simple measurements, but there are a  myriad of next steps , some highly measureable. For example lets go on a journey;

                      So a customer sees an ad and can do a number of things;  clickthrough the ad, jump to a search engine and navigate to a site and buy/learn, jump to a review site for the product, navigate to an affiliate site for a coupon and then nav to your site..research,leave and then come back through any of the prior activities. So the question is how do you set up your measurement system for attribution when there is complexity.

At a recent search conference (search engine insider), most companies seemed to have 30 day cookies and no attribution measurements at all, in fact they werent even aware they existed.  Unless this changes digital will be come dumb. move to last click , drive more bidding in search and forget the principle of how you influence and presuade within the digital navigation path. Metrics companies  need to get into gear and truly fix the digital measurement problem.

One other thought …imagine you make your ad engageable, then you can track the interactions with the ad relative to clickthroughs and give the ability to measure latent visits and track sales. You may find that there are way more people engaging with ads than clicking through and sales from latency are as large as straight click throughs.  If you want to learn more drop me a line at linked in below. The essence is you need to be creative in your measurement systems as well as the creative itself. (


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